Mud-luscious – Ligo Haibun Challenge

AnElephantCant do this week’s Haibun
So he relates a true tale from long long ago
It has way too many words
So he apologises in verse
And he understands if you just don’t want to know

Travelling all week.
The Haibun Ligo Challenge is a weekly event hosted by Nightlake and the Pirate.
Visit them for all the guidelines and background.
This week’s chosen prompt is:
The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful – E.E. Cummings

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful

Nearly Five

I spend every Monday with my grandson.
I spent this Monday with my grandson.
He was excited because Tuesday was his birthday.
He would be 5!
Five years old.

‘Grandpa Brian’, he said.
‘Do you want to come to my party’, he asked me.
‘You can come if you want to’.
‘I’d love to come’, I said, ‘Nothing would make me happier’.

‘That’s good’. He smiled.
People who are nearly five smile a lot.
‘So who is coming to your party?’
‘Everybody!’ He laughed.
People who are nearly five laugh a lot.
‘And when is it?’
‘Tomorrow! After school.’ He laughed again. ‘I can’t wait!’
‘Well, you just have to’.
Serious old Grandpa.
‘I know, but I’m excited!’
People who are nearly five are excited a lot.
‘Well, I’m quite excited too!’
People who have grandsons who are nearly five are also excited a lot.

You get that way when you are involved in breeding tadpoles, playing golf on the local putting green, eating ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, – the BIG ones, OK? – shooting dragons out of trees with your hydrosonic secret mammoth magic dragon stick gun,  sitting on the grass making sure you both like butter (you know what I mean), fighting 108 baddies, and making tuna sandwiches with interesting shapes.
So I was excited too.

‘Did he invite you to his party?, my daughter asked me.
‘Yeah, of course, it’s all under control’. I wink at him.
He laughed.
Well, people who are nearly five …….

‘Yeah, about two-ish ok?’ I asked.
‘Fine, see you then.’
When you have a son who is nearly five and very excited you tend to be not too chatty with your old dad who is really not helping the situation.
Hugs were exchanged. Kisses were exchanged. Sniggers were exchanged.
‘Thanks for looking after me’.
‘That’s all right, Grandpa Brian.’
We both laughed.
You know why.

But of course nothing is ever that simple.
Not when you are dealing with someone who is nearly five.
Because children live in the moment.
This is a wonderful gift which, sadly, most of us lose as we grow up.
We start to plan for the future and we start to have regrets for the past.

But when you are nearly five, tomorrow, like yesterday, is a relative term.
Yesterday is a day before this one.
Tomorrow is a day after this one.
A day – emphasis on the ‘a’ – not necessarily ‘the’ day.

So when I turned up for the party, there he wasn’t.
And there wasn’t his mum and dad and friends and ‘everybody’.
So I called his mum.
No answer.
So I called his dad.
No answer.
So I went home.

His dad called later.
‘Sorry we missed your calls, we were all at the school for his induction this afternoon. Remember?’
‘Oh, yeah’.
‘See you Thursday at his party as arranged?’
‘Oh. Yeah.’

The moral of the story is:
When you are nearly five, or when your grandson is nearly five, laugh.
Get excited.
And check what is happening with someone who isn’t nearly five.

innocence exists
in the splashing
of muddy puddles

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33 Responses to Mud-luscious – Ligo Haibun Challenge

  1. Peripatetic Eric says:

    You really had me engaged, wondering what would happen next.


  2. emmylgant says:

    Delicieux de toutes parts.


  3. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    It has been a slow start to the day due to slow Wifi. Please enjoy this blog and its posts. It is always interesting to learn what an elephant cannot do. I think it can play in the mud.


  4. Oh, well done! 🙂


  5. Sun says:

    a cheerful haibun that brought smiles as i read of your encounter. happiness shines here. 🙂


  6. RoSy says:

    And – me at 40+ chuckling at your post 😉
    I sometimes still act like I’m 5.


  7. Beautiful and full of laughter.


  8. Aquileana says:




  9. Penny L Howe says:

    Long yes, but still it is a haibun in that it captures so well an experience, a moment, in the memory of things. I love the closing haiku as well! 🙂 xx


  10. kaycers says:

    This was simply wonderful <3! I just found out I am going to have a baby. This makes me nostalgic for moments that haven't even passed yet. I am so looking forward to having someone around who reminds me to laugh a lot and be in the moment. I try to be that way as much as I can…but it's so much easier when you're nearly 5…


  11. Al says:

    This is fantastic. I remember when my kids were nearly five. I just wish they had a grandpa who was as wonderful as your nearly five year old had.


    • Shucks, Al, no wonder AnElephant is all pink!


      • Al says:

        🙂 I just hope I can be as decent a granddad to mine when they eventually turn up. All my dad has ever done is fall asleep. They never went out to spend time with him. I think it was only 2 or 3 times that they stayed with them in their whole childhood. I don’t know if you are a unique grandparent, or they were


  12. Anja says:

    This is so charming and lovely and I dare say….one of my favorite pieces you have written thus far. 🙂


  13. nightlake says:

    wow, the sweet innocence of childhood. A lovely photo as well


  14. Lesson from a five year old, well done I very enjoyed this piece. Made me smile the logic of a child.


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