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I have been writing poetry for longer than I can remember, and have been fortunate enough to have encountered some musicians talented enough to transform my words into songs.
I find it fascinating to hear how others read and picture and convert my ideas into sounds.
To date the spectrum includes ballads, folk-rock-country, bluegrass and heavy metal!
I hope you will enjoy their creativity as much as I do.

Xmas Radio Show

Below are excerpts from a Christmas Eve reading on Tsukure Radio, Ayr, by Jenne Gray.It includes some of my children’s poems and songs, and features the singing of Andy Brownlie, my second oldest friend (in both senses) and a more … Continue reading

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The Night

Click here to hear the poet read his words: the night each evening the sun goes downshadows move and pain hits deepthat’s when I face my inmost fearsand evade the clutch of sleep I lie awake avoiding dreamsI pray dawn … Continue reading

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Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth the sea is dark and angry threatening the final flood waves hurl themselves on jagged rocks retreat in frothing blood yet water is the key to life perhaps Nature’s greatest miracle the moon conducts the tidal suite … Continue reading

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I Will Always

I will always when the sun is gone and night comes crashing down again and church bells tell of sadness with their chimes your sweet smile is replaced by that dark frown again I’ll hold your hand remind you of … Continue reading

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eclipse she clambers over the headland crawls slow above the Med takes time before emerging a moon massive and red she rises gaining brightness dispersing what enshrouds begins to send her radiance through angry darkened clouds even as they cede … Continue reading

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love stumbles

I wrote this almost a decade ago. It is one of the few pieces that I have ever written as a song, rather than a poem. Andy Brownlie, who wrote the music, and performs it here, is my second oldest … Continue reading

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nightfall I often wonder through the day where you go when you get that call I never ask and you don’t say I only hope you’re here before nightfall I’ve loved you from the day we met it was not … Continue reading

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Leaving Scotland Forever

leaving Scotland forever across the loch into the glen settling low on hillside heather the morning mists moisten his eyes brush his heart like snow white feather this love he knows will never go leaving Scotland forever across one more … Continue reading

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Right and Wrong

right and wrong you tell me I will soon forget that you already can’t remember but you are sunshine in July I’m the east wind in November I tell you that you’re always right you tell me that I’m wrong … Continue reading

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It’s Over

It’s Over sunshine could not match your first smile when I longed for you to hold me now I spend each tear-stained night wondering why you have not told me it’s over the thoughtless rain falls yet unceased the wind can’t chase dark … Continue reading

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