love stumbles

I wrote this almost a decade ago. It is one of the few pieces that I have ever written as a song, rather than a poem. Andy Brownlie, who wrote the music, and performs it here, is my second oldest friend, and a multi-talented musician.

love stumbles

right when you least expect it
love stumbles over you
you know you don’t deserve it
you know your loving days are through
but then that someone special
just appears from out the blue
and you know your life is changing
cos you love someone more than you

love is a strange and unkind thing
it’s unpredictable and cruel
it can make you forget all your vows
and turn you into a fool

but when you think about it
you realise you have no choice
you don’t have the strength to resist love
you don’t even have a voice
you just hope that someone special
will appear from out the blue
and that your life will keep on changing
cos you love someone more than you

yeah you’re so glad that someone special
has appeared from out the blue
though you know you don’t deserve it
when love stumbles over you

Click here to hear Andy’s superb interpretation of the song:

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5 Responses to love stumbles

  1. JS Brand says:

    Beautiful CE. Andy has a great voice, the musicianship is superb and the words are lovely.


  2. mandibelle16 says:



  3. mandibelle16 says:

    I love this composition of your poem/lyrics and Andy’s interpretation. I likesthe mellow sound but his the song (yours words) were thoughtful in that love is this wonderful thing and unexpected but it also hurts as much as it makes you feel good. I also liked your lines about love not really being a choice looking back but something you couldn’t avoid and perhaps never wanted to avoid despite the ups and downs “you feel lucky.” Great dog writing and singing.
    Hugs CE 🙂


  4. dgandreid says:

    Lovely poem.

    While this poem speaks about falling in love unexpectedly it can also be talking about when something good happens in life when you least expect it.

    The song was a great listen, really did the poem justice.


  5. Mandie Hines says:

    It’s so fun to hear about the story behind this piece, and interesting that it’s one of the few pieces you wrote as a song. Especially considering that you’ve shared several pieces lately that have been put to music. And I think you really captured the power of love. No one has control over that emotion.


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