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Chemin des Dames (2nd Battle of the Aisne)

Originally posted on unbuttoned or undone: April 16th, 1917 Abdoulaye N’Diaye is dying, tucked between the bodies of two other soldiers of the 43rd Battalion. He thinks he recognizes Moustapha on his left. The infantryman is missing the top…

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Tribute to Lenny

Originally posted on anelephantcant:
When I was a student at Glasgow University I went to a party at the home  of my friend Big Frank, in Bathgate Street, in Glasgow’s East End. At some point in the evening I heard…

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The Second Request — Book Review

Originally posted on Wasted Days And Wasted Nights:
The Second Request is a novella length work of fiction by author and blogger, C.E. Ayr. While it is indeed short, the length is not an indication of the quality of writing or the…

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Jerry Sometimes life delivers a kick in the hee-haws. I stop at the little café in the square yesterday afternoon after my swim. As I shake hands with my friend Ramos, the proprietor, I see a box on the bar. … Continue reading

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AnElephantCant be famous

Originally posted on anelephantcant:
AnElephant outed as C. E. Ayr AnElephantCant stay incognito He does not even know what that means Or where it might be So he treads lightly He thinks it does not add up to a small…

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