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After two years of C. E. Ayr, and this blog which I set up to showcase my short stories, I have decided to inflict another aspect of my writing onto an unwary public.
I have been writing poetry for longer than I can remember, and have been fortunate enough to have encountered some musicians talented enough to transform my words into songs.
I find it fascinating to hear how others read and picture and convert my ideas into sounds.
To date the spectrum includes ballads, folk-rock-country, bluegrass and heavy metal!
I hope you will enjoy their creativity as much as I do.

It’s Over

It’s Over sunshine could not match your first smile when I longed for you to hold me now I spend each tear-stained night wondering why you have not told me it’s over the thoughtless rain falls yet unceased the wind can’t chase dark … Continue reading

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She Walks Bridges

she walks bridges he has so many reasons to love her the girl with the smile that bewitches he believes she is half mermaid he knows that she walks bridges she brings summer time in winter one smile and the … Continue reading

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