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love and butterflies

Click here to hear the poet read his words: love and butterflies once upon a time I saw a butterfly drifting floating flitting whimsically twinkling through the brightly hued garden of life making me smile brightening my existence alighting for … Continue reading

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blue leaves

Click here to hear the poet read his words: blue leaves blue leavesthe colourof your eyesso beautifulso delicateso naturalare to methe perfect metaphorfor our love they arejust like younot significantly differentyet not at alllike the others they havetheir own uniquescenta … Continue reading

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eclipse she clambers over the headland crawls slow above the Med takes time before emerging a moon massive and red she rises gaining brightness dispersing what enshrouds begins to send her radiance through angry darkened clouds even as they cede … Continue reading

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where does time go when it passes is it relaxed or is it tense is it always crystal clear or imperfect in every sense does old time wait with grandfather to inspect each minute mistake is it restless keeping watch … Continue reading

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