I Will Always

I will always

when the sun is gone and night comes crashing down again
and church bells tell of sadness with their chimes
your sweet smile is replaced by that dark frown again
I’ll hold your hand remind you of those better times
I will always bring you better times

when everyone just takes and they don’t give to you
and you begin to feel that you are cursed
you don’t know if you’ll survive what you are living through
I’ll hold your hand and listen to your words
I will always listen to your words

when you’re a queen but you think everyone’s an ace
lonely days and empty nights your greatest fears
I will still smile every time I see your face
I’ll hold your hand and kiss away the tears
I will always kiss away your tears

when winter bites you feel your spirit start to fold
springtime flowers fade before you see their charm
fatigue sets in but I’ll protect you from the cold
I’ll hold your hand and keep you safe and warm
I will always keep you safe and warm

Click here to hear this poem put to music by my California-based friend and musician extraordinaire Kris Anderson, who as always captures the essence of the poetry and adds so much more:

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7 Responses to I Will Always

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    This is really beautiful CE. I’ve listened to it a few times. I love your collaborations with Kris, & I think your poetry, your lyrics have such flow & grace. What I loved the most was this sense of devotion that the speaker will always be there to “hold her hand” no matter what. That’s a huge commitment, it’s also I would think, reassuring for whoever this lover/friend is. I think they are very much both friend and lovers on this poem, which is the best kind of love.

    What caught my attention too was that as I read, and listened was the last line of each stanza, like wedding vows almost. “ I will always bring you better times . . . Listen to your words . . . Kiss away your tears . . . Keep you safe & warm. There’s such Hope, promise & longing here. Great hope and positivity.

    This I love, b/c as in poems from Pinky, often, there’s such a contrast & it’s exciting. Pinky seems to feel lonely and the exact opppisite of this speaker many times. This is that light his voice often needs & Kris brings that through, so well with his voice & your words,

    On the other hand, this could be a thorough assassin or serial killer using his words to charm his next victim. But I would like to believe it’s hope and light. To me that’s what I see. That promise and also sense of excitement stand out.

    Sorry my comment was a while in coming. Here’s your rambling comment though. Have a wonderful rest of your week. Hugs again.☺️ 🤗


  2. Corine Gouy says:

    Je l’ai rêvé , tu l’as écrit . ENFIN !


  3. Magnifique j’adore 🙂


  4. emmylgant says:

    I enjoyed your poem and the song.


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