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Following the demise of Doug’s Min Min Challenge, we – Jenne and I, but mostly Jenne – have decided to continue with more or less the same idea, a story of anything up to 250 words based on a prompt, which this week is Jenne’s photo, above.


Life, when you live it to the full, can be short periods of calm, interlaced with a fair number of ups and downs, and the occasional roundabout.
And then, now and again, you arrive at a significant moment, a crossroads, where you have to make a decision, knowing that your future, and perhaps also that of others, depends on the direction you choose.
So you pause, take your time, ponder your options, and wait for a sign.
You can’t really expect some unknown and perhaps non-existent deity to shine a big light in your eyes and tell you to get a grip and go that way and do such-and-such.
Hell, that such-and-such might not be your idea of fun anyway.
No, you mostly have to decide for yourself and then, if you screw up, learn to live with the consequences.
Bed, made, lie in, sort of thing.
But, sometimes, just sometimes, you get lucky.
Maybe you were stuck in a rut, at a dead stop, when something happened, and the lights changed.
So you got yourself into gear, you picked a route, and you drove off.
Maybe not into the sunset, you don’t know that yet.
But at least down a road you hadn’t driven before, that you had glimpsed en passant, maybe in a dream.
And there you found something you hadn’t expected.
You found yourself.

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18 Responses to Crossroads

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Interesting thing about crossroads. I believe we encounter them more frequently than we know. Changing directions because, sometimes … it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ah, human nature. We are quite the species, aren’t we? Thoughtful words, well written (as always), B.


    • ceayr says:

      You are probably right, Penny.
      Laughing, because I say ‘probably’ when I mean ‘invariably’!
      Lovely to see you here, as always, and I glow at your kind words.


  2. clark says:

    They, all the other Readers, have commented so insightfully and, dare I say, taken a certain joy in your thoughtful musing.

    I, for one, simply ask, “What have you done with ceayr and bring him back out here this instant!”



  3. Tom says:

    I wonder if that is Life’s Journey, CE, merely to find ourselves en route… we spend a lot of time travelling, but do we really spend that much time looking? A nice thought-provoking post, this! 🙂


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  5. This went down like warm Maker’s Mark with a hint of honey. What a lovely slow ride you took us on, C.E.


  6. margaretr13 says:

    Echoes of Robert Frost….


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  8. jenne49 says:

    Pondering this one. Beautifully philosophical, and with such a light touch.
    And a wee bit of your signature humour.
    It’s an Everyman story, and with the longed-for conclusion


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