The Kiss – Ligo Haibun Challenge

AnElephantCant ever forget
Because the proverb so clearly says this
So he is inclined
To keep it in mind
He must remember that a kiss is just a kiss

This week’s Līgo Haībun Challenge comes once again from the perfect Penny, in partnership with that pragmatic pair Nightlake and The Pirate.
AnElephant’s chosen prompt is:
“A kiss is a lovely trick by nature to stop speech when words become” superfluous.” – Ingrid Bergman

A Commemoration

A Commemoration

August 15th

The streets of Medville are lined with locals and tourists, most of whom are also French, for the annual parade to commemorate the sixty-ninth anniversary of the landing of Allied troops on the beaches along the Mediterranean coast.
The French tricolour flies alongside the Stars and Stripes, the Union Flag and the red Maple Leaf.
There is a convoy of war time vehicles, manned by men and women in the uniforms of the day.
It is a celebration of liberation.
As his friend Emmy reminds him, most Americans have forgotten the critical role played by the French, and in particular by the Marquis de La Fayette, in their own Revolutionary War against the dastardly imperialistic British.
But the French people remember all too well the help they received from their friends and allies against a neighbour of immensely superior military power.
And now, of course, they stand with Germany as leaders of a united Europe.
On the stage where speeches will take place, men and women of different nations greet each other with outstretched hands and, in the best of French tradition, with a kiss on both cheeks.
Vive la France!

friendship is forged
by a shared desire
as time goes by

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10 Responses to The Kiss – Ligo Haibun Challenge

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    A very moving haibun with just the right amount of historical reference to convey the emotions and feelings. What I especially enjoyed was your summation with your haiku. Wonderful. 🙂 xo


  2. Sarah Ann says:

    Loved your take. A necessary history lesson.


  3. Peripatetic Eric says:

    The haiku sums it up well.


  4. julespaige says:

    Now…after I have seen the prompt, written and posted mine, I can come back and thank you for reminding me that I never seem to know when the next Ligo challenge will appear. I thought it was Friday…but this one was early and then I think I found another on a Sunday…

    I like how you incorporated the song in your piece. They say that the memory is the second thing to go… I can’t remember the first. All kidding aside, This was a lovely tribute. Kissy-kissy and hugs too.

    I’m here (so far… on piece this week):


  5. Oh, this is such wonderful take on the prompt.


  6. emmylgant says:

    Tres chouette ton Haibun! Bien construit comme d’habitude et quelque chose a dire d’important. Je trouve ton haiku tres peoetique.


  7. Ye Pirate says:

    Oh I echo Anja’s comment….very much!


  8. coyotero2112 says:

    This be kind of seious for you… an elephantcan change its stripes, if it has some. And, always boot the Brits if you can. A Brit friend told me if you want to piss off the Brits, say something nice about the French…and if you want to piss off the French, say something nice about the Brits. Sound advice to base a life around.


  9. Anja says:

    You’d be a fool not to love France. 🙂 I enjoyed this.


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