Charlie – Six Sentence Story

Crumbling by C. E. Ayr

This challenge is produced by GirlieOnTheEdge with the following simple rules:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word – GUARD

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My name’s Charlie Galles, also known as Chick the Chink, and formerly Big Luggy, and I know I’m maybe not the brightest knife at the picnic but I’ve got a new job as a sort of guide.

Y’see, I used to be a kinda guard, like a backup, you might say, but I got promoted quite recently, just after my mum died.

I come from a fair-sized family, got a sister who’s not the worst, likes rugby and horses and stuff, and two brothers, about whom least said the better.

They’re a bit of an odd pair, to be honest, the wee one’s in the theatre or something and the other wanted to work with kids but that didn’t turn out too well, so I don’t know what he’s doing now.

Anyway, about these nicknames, the old one’s simple ‘cos in Scotland we call ears lugs, so if you’re kinda well-endowed in that department you get called Luggy, and I can outflap Dumbo, so you can join the dots from here, I’m sure.

The other one’s a wee bit embarrassing ‘cos when I was at school, way up north in darkest teuchter land, I was in the big city one time and got taken for a meal, sushi it was, and when I got back to school I told my mates and they laughed for a week and were really bliddy unforgiving ‘cos I said I really liked Chinese food.

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39 Responses to Charlie – Six Sentence Story

  1. Loved the nickname origins.


  2. I really liked this one. Clever commentary on recent news.


  3. Marian Green says:

    A well written six. Though I have to say I, myself, didn’t expect to be so moved by her death. For me she was a great example of of selflessness and service.


    • ceayr says:

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment, Marian, it’s always cool to welcome a new reader.
      We clearly have very different views on the monarchy, but that, I think, is good and healthy.


  4. Well done, as always. One thing i keep saying is we need a sarcasm font.


  5. trishsplace says:

    Suspension of reality? Even out here in the boondocks of Australia, I feel the sadness for a legend now departed. I wonder how Big Luggy will go? Good luck to him, what an enormous step up and so late in his life. No longer waiting.
    Interesting read, as per usual.


  6. Liz H says:

    Playing it safe, I am, with a Thai Red Curry for dinner tonight…otherwise folks might think I’m from Wisconsin! (Aackk!)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. clark says:

    Like the others, I enjoy your Sixes mostly because I end up looking up words and phrases and such.
    Not sure I quite get the punchline, (but for reasons unexplored, I’m resisting trying to figure it out by the other’s comments.)
    And my non-blogger friends laugh and say, “So, clark, this Six Sentence Story bloghop, it’s like those little old lady book clubs and you sit around and read stories to each other?”

    Liked by 3 people

    • You could always tell them ‘no, we even have a fat old colonial bastard in the group’. Others may choose more refined characterisations but we are essentially an electric group. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • ceayr says:

      The punchline is just a joke, Clark, to allow me a forum to satirise the current ridiculous situation in the UK where nothing else is happening in the world. There is no war, no energy crisis, no horrific rise in food prices, no certainty of hardship and death this winter for far too many across Scotland and much of England so long as we wave our wee flags and pretend to be sad.


  8. Cassa says:

    I actually heard that more than once, and it’s totally forgivable. 🍣


  9. UP says:

    good satire. good job.


  10. Nice one a chuilein, good craic.


  11. ladysighs says:

    I googled “teuchter” and all at once the story all made sense. But I did wonder how his mum died.


  12. If only you’d known sushi like they knew sushi. 😉

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  13. jenne49 says:

    A moment of light relief amid the insanity, satire at its finest.
    You made me laugh.


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