silent smile

artwork by phil burns

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

silent smile

you danced
and drifted into my life
like a ghost with a silent smile
graceful and slightly amused

you laughed at the obvious turmoil
you created in my heart
and elsewhere

you asked me to make a love song
so I wrote this one for you
you gently mocked me
that the lyrics
of my love song didn’t rhyme
I said hey give me time

like a ghost with a silent smile
graceful and slightly amused
you danced
and drifted out of my life

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10 Responses to silent smile

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  2. Katrin "Kate" McElderry says:

    Lovely. The poem and illustration both!


  3. Love reading your poems; love hearing them read even more.


  4. jenne49 says:

    Such graceful and dancing rhythm and sounds that carry the meaning.
    Just beautiful.
    And the wee rhyme in the middle is so mischievous

    (That said, I want to slap her! 😉 )


  5. trishsplace says:

    Gorgeous. Soft and sweet, floating away.


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