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saw you arrive
comme une plume vermeille
like a vermillion feather
beautiful elegant natural
ah the light my love the light

you danced
with mermaids
and my heart
roamed free and proud
as the Great White Stag
in the cool mountain air
ah the warmth my love the warmth

was a single afternoon
of torrential rain
and bitter tears
ah the wind my love the wind

wreathed us in an icy embrace
of mutual solitude
froze us apart
at arms length
every smile
we’d ever shared
ah the cold my love the cold

and all love and passion
swiftly melted
long before

saw you leave
ah the dark my love the dark

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6 Responses to seasons

  1. Zorah Carron says:

    Reading this again, deeply moving.


  2. Staarlz says:

    Oh my goodness…the writing is stellar…and the ache, I only have tears.


  3. jenne49 says:

    Beautiful images and powerful images of the changing nature of life and love. The last line of each verse which sums up the season and the emotion. Looking at the form on the page too, the lines shorter, sharper as the images darken and you take us to the last, slow, dark line. Your reading too underlines this ever-changing picture.


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