artwork by phil burns

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people ask why
I write poetry
and I say
I don’t think
I do

I just write words
in an attempt
often futile
to make sense of things
the world
my life
other people
and me

and sometimes
what I write
turns out to be
more like a poem
than a story

I can’t say
it isn’t always planned
I don’t necessarily know
what it is
when I start
or even
when I finish

so I try
not to analyse it
in case
it stops

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9 Responses to poetry

  1. Zorah Carron says:

    That happens for me too. You do such a lovely job of it. Blessings, Leslie


    • ceayr says:

      Aha, you’re in disguise here!
      I find it best just to let it happen, I’ve never been able to force a poem.


      • Zorah Carron says:

        No, forcing them doesn’t work well at all. I was going to send you and just a few others a special invite to where I’ll mostly be now (things went awry somehow at the other blog). However, there’s no obligation intended for you to Follow/Read/Like/Comment. It appears you have 2 blogs, yes?


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  3. Lindsey says:

    I really like this. The simplicity of the words you have used add to the overall impact.


  4. jenne49 says:

    Love it.
    The ‘process’ summed up – in a poem!
    That there is no process – except life and words and the freedom in the writer of the words.
    And the last verse nails it.


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