artwork by phil burns

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while in Scotland this summer
even on those nights
when the dark heavens
sparkled with the eyes of a thousand lovers
I could not locate Orion

this left me strangely unsettled
for reasons
I still don’t quite understand

but it reminds me
in a way
of my feelings about you

because there’s something
I didn’t have or need
before I met you
and which I still don’t have
but desperately need
now that you are gone

I was always alone
but never lonely
so why
now that I am alone again
do I feel an aching loneliness
and the loss of that something
I never had

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7 Responses to loss

  1. Lindsey Stewart says:

    Yup. A question to ponder. Do we override the loneliness or listen carefully to ourselves and wonder exactly what we are missing? Creates such a whirling inside.


  2. jenne49 says:

    An eternal question, so achingly beautifully expressed.


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