horologist by phil burns

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if I were a watchmaker
I’d create a special piece
whose hands would spin round
until that moment we first met

and there I’d have it pause a while
so I could enjoy once more
the thrill of your initial glance
and the first time
I saw you smile

after that those hands would advance
but slowly
each second lasting
as long as I wanted
so that I could savour
the pleasures
that we shared

in this way I could study
the errors that I made
the stupid faults
that slowly killed
your love

then I’d rewind the watch again
and avoid those foolish flaws
so instead
for all eternity
your hands
will still hold mine

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4 Responses to horologist

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Time, so frustrating, going about it’s purposes, inspite of all we do to undo its seeming eternal immutability.
    A wonderful poem, B. …If only…


    • ceayr says:

      Nothing gives me as much pleasure as a visit from you.
      And your words, of course, are as kind and wise as always.
      As you say, if only…


  2. Frewie says:

    Beautiful love this 🥰


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