The Human Spirit – Sunday Photo Fiction

After a lengthy break I am back for another stab at Donna’s Sunday Photo Fiction.
The idea, as always, is to write a story of
less than 200 words based on this picture, below, which this week is supplied by Michele Blanche.

© Michele Blanche

Click here to hear the writer read his words:

The Human Spirit

The human spirit is astonishing.
I am constantly amazed and impressed at how resilient people are.
Very ordinary people, I mean, just folk off the street.
They endure all sorts of ghastly treatment, and still have this fierce desire to live.
I have seen men, and women, some very young, some quite old, face terror with surprising courage.
I have seen them with fingers or toes removed.
I have seen them with hands missing.
I have seen a man with his leg amputated above the knee, still strong.
I recently spoke to a youngster who refused to submit to his fears despite the loss of an eye.
That is why I say the human spirit is astonishing.
And why I try to measure it.
You understand, yes?
I hope you are comfortable.
It really won’t hurt that much.

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8 Responses to The Human Spirit – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. 💦insanity is drowning🐋


  2. 💦🐋Those of us who have never experienced or imagined a bodily loss in thought could one day face the unimaginable.💦🐋


  3. God! and and I thought you were capable of goodness! How mistaken was I. Ceayr, need i say anymore.


  4. Oh that took a sharp turn


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