Bobby and the Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan

The voice of a generation.
In my opinion, which is admittedly not worth much, he is the poet of the Twentieth Century.
Bob Dylan has inspired, enchanted and maddened us for over 50 years.
Most people have their own view on what he is, and what he means.
To me he is a genius, and part of the fabric of my life.
This is a repeat of a tribute penned by one of my alter egos a few years ago.

bobby by phil burns

bobby by phil burns

Click here to hear me read the poem:

The wind has blown, the times a-changed
Lay lady is long laid to rest
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Still doing what they have always done best

The rain that falls is harder now
The rich take just like a woman
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
The price of their wealth is inhuman

The chimes of freedom have been stilled
We learned we are not young forever
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
With the knowledge they are so clever

They keep on talking of World War III
They keep that old stone rolling
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Content with their bank accounts swollen

Is it true we threw it all away
And we are mere pawns in the game
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Was all the poet’s love in vain

Mr Tambourine Man is quiet now
He thought twice, it’s not all right
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Could God be on their side?

And this is the tribute put to music by Meme, a lady of extraordinary talent, whose blog is sadly now private:
But please take 100 seconds to hear an angel sing.

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6 Responses to Bobby and the Nobel Prize

  1. xcomart says:

    Hi Brian, Bob perhaps poet of last two centuries. Glad to see your still using some of the drawings. Would be good to hear from you.


    • ceayr says:

      Hola y buenos días
      Great to see you here, mi amigo, it has been too long.
      And of course I still use your artwork, you know how much I admire your talent.
      You are still and will be always a favourite among favourites.
      Email on its way.


  2. Bob Dylan’s award was long overdue.


  3. Dear CE,

    Like you, Mr. Zimmerman/Bob Dylan is part of the warp and woof of my life. Thank you for sharing both poem and song.




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