Sand Storm – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the wonderful Rochelle, the undisputed master of what I call Sound Bite Fiction.
She sets the weekly challenge, and the standard.
This week’s photo is by the ultra-talented Sandra Crook,  and portrays an intriguing gizmo.
To the less technically aware among you, that is a thingummyjig.
My tale tells of wondrous wodjacallems.
The idea, as always, is to write a story of around 100 words based on the picture, below.


© Sandra Crook

Sand Storm
Her behaviour catches my eye as much as her looks.
She talks softly to herself as she draws images in the sand.
I am old, but not totally immune to the charms of a pretty girl on the beach.
I watch her, discreetly, for some time.
Then I adopt my friendly elderly gent persona, and approach.
She answers with a smile.
I am casting a spell to steal a soul, she tells me.
Is it working, I laugh.
She scratches a shape between us, then makes a swirling gesture with her hand.
We whirl away in a vast sand storm.

About ceayr

A Scot who has discovered Paradise in a small town he calls Medville on the Côte d'Azur, C.E. Ayr has spent a large part of his life in the West of Scotland and a large part elsewhere. His first job was selling programmes at his local football club and he has since tried 73 other career paths, the longest being in IT, with varying degrees of success. He is somewhat nomadic, fairly irresponsible and, according to his darling daughter, a bit random.
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72 Responses to Sand Storm – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Lori Carlson says:

    Wow, great story! I love the ending, totally unexpected.


  2. Good story, C.E. Not being an elderly man but an elderly woman, I see this story differently. On the other hand, maybe she isn’t interested in women, elderly or otherwise. From reading fairy tales, I seem to remember some old magical women making themselves young. Let’s hope it has a happy ending. Well written and truly magical. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • ceayr says:

      I suspect, Suzanne, that your view might be close to the author’s intent.
      Happy ending doubtful.
      But I really enjoy that so many people interpret the words so differently.


  3. Margaret says:

    Wonderfully romantic and fanciful. I love it.


  4. Love this so much, those pretty girl’s at it again 😉


  5. “Beware adopting the ‘friendly elderly gent persona’ one time too many,” she cautions, “Or you’ll be whirled away in a great story.”


  6. erinleary says:

    Oooh…powerful story of magic and surrender. It sounds to me like this old gent is going to be perfectly happy being taken away by the lovely lass.


  7. kathyd65 says:

    Beware the smile of a pretty, young woman. I liked your tale and the twist at the end.


  8. Amy Reese says:

    Bewitching and intriguing! I think, whatever she did, it worked.


  9. gahlearner says:

    I think he is bewitched. Maybe she is worth his soul, but I doubt it. Romance with a sinister twist, why am I not surprised?


  10. Dee says:

    Loved this take on the prompt and your ingenious way of using the sand… Magical, well written , you do this so well CE


  11. oldentimes says:

    EXCELLENT! spinning and dancing off forever


  12. rgayer55 says:

    I’ll have to try that nice, elderly gent persona. What a way to go.


  13. Dale says:

    Ahhh… m’sieur Ayr… methinks your soft side is creeping out more often. Some may see a sinister undertone, I dinna… I see a lovely older gent allowing a pretty young thing to seduce him and let him feel alive. I may be out on a limb on this one… but I care not!


  14. plaridel says:

    i could only imagine what happened next after the dust …er, sand settled. 🙂


  15. Jan Brown says:

    That was a great twist, but I’m not sure she had to steal his soul. She already had his heart (or at least his libido).


  16. mjlstories says:

    Last week a skirl and this a whirl and a swirl. What a way to go!


  17. emmylgant says:

    Well done. And I am at a loss for words.


  18. liz young says:

    Poor old chap – susceptible to the end!


  19. jellico84 says:

    Enjoyed that little swirl! 🙂


  20. Judee says:

    Fascinating tale, I enjoyed this! As for thingamagiggies, got lots of those, lol! Not quite as many wotchamacllits though, I find they are a bit more rare. 😉


  21. Carolyn Page says:

    Ooh, that was surprising. I’m still swirling. 😉
    That must be a good compliment…!


  22. Nice twist, but I think I’d like to whirl away with her anywhere she wants!


  23. mandibelle16 says:

    Good one. He thought he was going to be able to put on ‘elderly gent persona,’ and she only wanted his soul. What a scary young woman.


  24. I had a feeling he was really a bad old man… but it seems he met his fate… But I might be wrong.. Love how you picked up on the sand only.


  25. Reblogged this on anelephantcant and commented:
    AnElephantCant be interested in this stuff
    Although he loves the photo by sweet Sandra Crook
    But he does not care
    About C E Ayr
    He just wants to show off his super new look!

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  26. Oh, what a creative story! Very magical, and scary, too! Love the characterization of that old man! 🙂


  27. Sandra says:

    Full of magical potential, with a little undercurrent of dread running through this. You do this so well.


  28. That last line portrays such a visual image. I want to whirl!


  29. Magical, beautiful…the words are dancing. Nicely done!


  30. Beautiful, you old romantic, you.


  31. Dear C.E.

    She certainly stole his soul didn’t she? What a way to go. 😉 Imaginative and clever. I’m never disappointed. And thank you for explaining the gizmo thingamagiggy.




    • ceayr says:

      Ah figgered sum yo purty lal fangs don’ know too much ’bout this kinda stuff, probly can’t tell a wathefuffzat from a hoojikipiv, too busy keepin’ y’alls hair nice.

      Never disappointed?
      If only life was like that…

      Liked by 3 people

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