the loch

copyright c e ayr

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the loch

a small green island
on a long grey loch
stretched along the foot of the glen
created by a great glacier
nearly twenty thousand years ago

on the southern part of the loch
the surface sparkles in sudden summer sunshine
while the rest lies black and still
under the dark shadow of the towering ben
who peers down the ravines
cut into the steep rock-strewn sides
by centuries of tumbling icy burns
with cold indifference

my heart aches at the beauty
that my poor words can never convey
and the yearning reminds me of you
and that other pain
that will never leave me

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9 Responses to the loch

  1. Leyde Ryan says:

    Oh my, this is weep-worthy…so good (sighing).


  2. jenne49 says:

    It’s such a beautiful poem.
    Favourite line: ‘the surface sparkles in sudden summer sunshine’
    ‘My heart aches at the beauty’ – perfect.
    And then the yearning for that ‘you’ to bring it all to a sore close.


  3. Cassa Bassa says:

    Such a beautiful poem filled with sentiment that makes the heart sore.


  4. Nancy Richy says:

    Oh, C.E.! That last verse brought tears to my eyes. Truly wondrous! Thank you for sharing this fine piece with us.


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