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the first time that I saw you
you hid behind your mask
and said I didn’t know you
that we’d never met before
and laughed

and I in my innocence
believed you
though you reminded me
of every love I’d ever had
and every painful loss
I’d suffered

each time that I saw you
you wore a different mask
but said I should know you
because you were still
the same person
as before

the last time that I saw you
you threw away your mask
and said I’d always known you
that we’d met a thousand times before
that I was every lover
you’d ever had

and every one you had discarded

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8 Responses to mask

  1. Leyde Ryan says:

    WOW, or “oh my goodness” (which you said you liked). Thought I’d stop by to let you know I’ve moved to a new blog. I wondered if you’d left for Scotland yet, for cool respite–take good care of yourself, Leslie


  2. ladysighs says:

    How Dare He

    He had the temerity to go off and live his life
    Leaving all of us behind to endure stress and strife

    The boldness and the daring of his thoughtlessness
    The gall and the guts of his outright brazenness

    We definitely need some clarity about this recklessness
    He should at least pay for therapy caused by his fecklessness

    But I will forgive him as I laugh with hilarity
    For on the beach I picture him – a peculiarity


  3. ladysighs says:

    I don’t recall your writing a SSS with the prompt word MATCH from the last week in March.
    I’m sure you didn’t read mine.

    Six Sentence Story – Fiery Feelings


  4. jenne49 says:

    Deep and sore.
    And beautifully written.


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