I wrote a poem

copyright c e ayr*

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

I wrote a poem

I read a poem yesterday
it nearly broke my heart
it spoke of lovers loved and lost
they lived too far apart

I read a poem yesterday
it said she won’t live forever
but she makes the world a better place
please don’t let me outlive her

I read a poem yesterday
it made me think of you
when the colour of my world was gold
before you turned it sad soft blue

I read a poem yesterday
it told me what I’ve got to give
all the splintered thoughts I’ve yet to think
and those dead years I’ve yet to live

I wrote a poem yesterday
it tells of our first kiss
and the wondrous time we spent together
and how it ended just like this

* from the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway, Scotland

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13 Responses to I wrote a poem

  1. I read a poem today
    A poem Ceayr wrote Yesterday,
    It caught my eyes untill it aches
    And took away my heart today.
    Thank YOu Ceayr.


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  3. jenne49 says:

    Wistful and sad and so delicately expressed, with the poet moving from the more passive, ‘I read…’ to the active, ‘I wrote…’ And yet the ending is the same. Beautiful.


  4. Staarlz says:

    A heart-grabber, truly…this poet’s waving to you from Seattle.


  5. Cassa Bassa says:

    I feel the loss.


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