the gull

copyright c e ayr

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the gull

isn’t it strange
how life can change
in an instant
when you realise
everything you wanted
everything you hoped for
everything you dreamed of
and worse
everything you had
is lost…

we are swimming
lazily on our backs
in the gentle Mediterranean
just off the beach at Bonporteau
a calanque
or rocky cove
I think

nothing tangible
not even a word
just a hint
a suspicion…

and then
as the doubt
slithers in
I see
on the cliff face
the fleeting shadow
of a swooping gull…

and I understand

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3 Responses to the gull

  1. Staarlz says:

    Amazingly fine writing.


  2. jenne49 says:

    That split second awareness that changes everything.
    So beautifully expressed.


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