high plateau

copyright c e ayr

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high plateau

I was happy on the high plateau
where the sun shone every day
in a blue and cloudless sky
and there were wild flowers and butterflies
and rabbits and birds that sweetly sang
and I knew
I had found Paradise

then one day I saw the mountain
and I was enchanted by its possibilities
so I started to climb
and the views grew ever more beautiful
until I reached the top
from where I could see the whole world
magnificent beyond words

my senses reeled
and I was afraid
when I saw beneath me
a gigantic chasm
deeper and darker than death
and I yearned
for the high plateau

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3 Responses to high plateau

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  2. jenne49 says:

    This is such a good structure – the beatiful images from the first verse and then the reader invited to imagine the beauty from the mountain top – ‘magnificent beyond words’, even the poet’s words.
    And the bare horror of the final verse.
    A powerful poem indeed.


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