yellow submarine

artwork by phil burns

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

Yellow Submarine

I miss those lazy days at the beach
lying on hot sand
eating clementines and crunchy cacahouètes

I miss your ridiculous shrieks
as you encounter the first wave
if the water is half a degree
below bath temperature

I miss floating in the Mediterranean
the sea I love above all others
Yellow Submarine
and the strange Scottish songs
from my childhood
that so fascinate you

I miss your company
the jokes and the laughter

I don’t miss your mood swings
your week-long sulks
your insistence that anything
that doesn’t fit your life view
is my fault

I do miss the cacahouètes
I no longer sing

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9 Responses to yellow submarine

  1. Bill says:

    Oh, I much enjoyed that–even if I have no idea what cacahouètes are. I especially liked the “I don’t miss…” parts. Excellent.


  2. Such a melancholic poem. I’d miss it too, mood swings and all.


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  4. Chris Hall says:

    A wistful piece… love the artwork too!


  5. jenne49 says:

    Beautiful – and a wee bit sad.
    Such vivid images, wee word-videos.


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