remember by c e ayr

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do you know what I remember best
she asks me with her famous smile
I feel it radiating through the phone
with her words that so beguile

it is hard for me to say I laugh
I have so many manly charms
but I guess that what you’ll say my love
is sleeping in my arms

her voice becomes a gentle tease
my senses reel my toes are curled
this is the woman I pursued
to the far side of the world

then hand in hand we stepped in
to where time flows endlessly
nor does time have a beginning
she taught this simple truth to me

though we are not together now
because of life and other reasons
we both know some things will never change
unlike Scotland’s fleeting seasons

she says yes that’s what I remember best
of all your many manly charms
I’m laughing now but it is true
I loved sleeping warm and comfortable safely in your arms

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5 Responses to remember

  1. jenne49 says:

    An infinite, beautiful moment captured in just the words to cradle it. And a wee bit teasing to take it to a special C. E. Ayr place. It’s great.


  2. Penny L Howe says:

    Yes. If there really were perfection to be found inside of life, it would still be those cherished moments … of time outside of time … nestled safely, within your loving arms.


  3. gclawdia says:

    Beautiful ❤


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