leaving San Francisco blues

artwork by phil burns

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

leaving San Francisco blues

Union Square the very last morning
I breakfast on orange juice and croissants
but something is wrong
the sunshine has gone
San Francisco softly weeps

the artists have packed up and gone home
the sky is cloudy grey and low
can it possibly know
it is time I must go
San Francisco sadly weeps

in just one hour I am on my way
to the home where I haven’t been
it lies so long unseen
except in my dream
San Francisco bitterly weeps

all too soon I am back in Scotland
and a moment of magic ends my exile
everything is worthwhile
when I see that smile
San Francisco forgivingly weeps

© c e ayr
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2 Responses to leaving San Francisco blues

  1. Hope you make your way back to say hello to SF!


  2. jenne49 says:

    It’s a beautiful poem and the artwork is fabulous. The photo of San Fransisco weeping too.


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