Red Riding Hood – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the wonderful Rochelle, the undisputed master of what I call Sound Bite Fiction.
She sets the weekly challenge, the standard, and the prompt photo.
The idea, as always, is to write a story of around 100 words based on the picture below, which this week is supplied by Dale Rogerson.

© Dale Rogerson

Click here to hear the author read his words:

Red Riding Hood

I wave a vague arm towards snow-covered trees.
These are what we call the woods, grandma.
She scowls.
My other arm wafts towards the little house.
And this is a cottage, grandma.
Lips curling, she spits on my foot.
I smile, showing huge, hungry teeth.
I’m a big, bad wolf, grandma.
Pathetic little girl, she snaps back.
I pull a long, evil blade from my hunter’s bag.
This is a knife, grandma.
She stares with utter contempt.
I thrust it deep into her scrawny chest.
This is what we call dead, grandma.
I’m not sure what she says.
Maybe unnnggghhh?

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51 Responses to Red Riding Hood – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I like that she showed no fear.


  2. Darkly funny — I love Grandma’s defiant contempt for Little Red Riding Hood.


  3. Russell says:

    Granny got taken out! Fun read!


  4. Lynn Love says:

    I’m imagining Grandma’s attacker to be a combination of the wolf and Red Riding Hood for some reason. Perhaps that’s what actually happened – Red Riding Hood bumped off Grandma and blamed it on the wolf! Charmingly dark, wittily chilling. Very you


  5. trishsplace says:

    Dark take on the prompt! 🙂


  6. plaridel says:

    poor grandma, what did she do or didn’t do to deserve such fate?


  7. susanmehr says:

    I thought Grandma would fight back, still, it’s nice to see the bad guy win for a change. 🙂


  8. pennygadd51 says:

    I’m surprised the wolf managed to stick the blade in. Surely a grandma as feisty as that would deflect the blow and karate chop the wolf in the windpipe!


  9. draliman says:

    Well, Gran didn’t sound very nice. Though your protagonist sounds a bit psychopathic…


  10. James McEwan says:

    A rather evil streak this week. Poor Gran. a rather drastic but effect way of culling the aged population – just kidding, give then gin instead.


  11. Tannille says:

    Someone has granny issues. Enjoyed this take on the fairytale.


  12. That last line made me chuckle. You’ve certainly dispensed with expectations.


  13. for some reason I can’t like anyones posts, I can comment but not like. For the record I do like this piece and what an evil wolf


  14. Somehow I detect a little red cape … 😉


  15. On balance I prefer your version to that of Charles Perrault!


  16. granonine says:

    “Crabbit old Besom.” I like that almost more than the story itself 🙂 Grandma sounds like someone you wouldn’t want to know 🙂


  17. Iain Kelly says:

    I like the girl with attitude. No wonder the wolf knew to steer well clear.


  18. The better to kill you with, Grandma. Grisly take, C.E. Red on white.




  19. Gouy Corine says:

    J’aime beaucoup le dernier mot de Grandma !


  20. Colline says:

    Beware of those who seem innocent! Nicely done.


  21. Anita says:

    Red Riding Hood story with a serious twist. Wolf comes dressed as Red Riding Hood, rather than pretending to be grandma!
    Where’s the woodcutter who saved grandma?


  22. neilmacdon says:

    Damn! And I was rooting for grandma to be an immortal or a shapeshifter or something

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