Notre Dame – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the wonderful Rochelle, the undisputed master of what I call Sound Bite Fiction.
She sets the weekly challenge, and the standard.
This week’s prompt is a quite brilliant shot of the Cathédral Notre-Dame de Paris.
Taken by my best friend, writing partner, and editor extraordinaire, Emmy L Gant, a poet of unmatched ability.
So sue me.
The idea, as always, is to write a story of around 100 words based on the picture, below.


Copyright Emmy L Gant

Notre Dame

Our Lady.
Standing in the background, quite magnificent.
Unlike my lady.
Oh, everyone says she is magnificent too.
They say I am a lucky guy.
I have always thought so.
But she does not like to be in the background.
She likes to be openly admired.
By everyone.
She needs the adulation for her ego, apparently.
And she goes to any lengths to get it.
It hurts that my love has never been enough.
Maybe she will appreciate it more in the future.
Because I will always adore her.
Even without her beauty.
Which I brutally consigned to history’s dustbin.

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62 Responses to Notre Dame – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Oh wow this had me at the edge of my seat! Thanks for the splendid read!


  2. I certainly didn’t recognize Notre Dame from that angle. If I’m not mistaken he’s done some damage to his wife’s face. Well written, C.E. — Suzanne


  3. Margaret says:

    A tidy murder – the best kind. Sinister.


  4. jealosy has never been better expressed… I wonder what he did…


  5. wmqcolby says:

    Edgar Allen Poe couldn’t have done any better, C.E. Marvelous!


  6. Adam Ickes says:

    I love the feel of this. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?


  7. mjlstories says:

    Very gothic – suits that picture.


  8. liz young says:

    His is the kind of love one can do without.


  9. rgayer55 says:

    There used to be a TV commercial where a young woman said, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” It wasn’t her beauty that made me hate her, but the narcissistic attitude.
    I think this narrator would be better suited married to a wallflower.


  10. Sent shivers down my spine. Well done!


  11. Nice parallel, but everybody’s killing and maiming women this week! Whatever happened to chivalry? Always enjoy the intriguing structure of your stories.


  12. I’ve missed your dark protagonists. I fear murder was on both of our minds this week.


  13. What HAS he done? You’ve definitely got me wondering. Like Sandra, I may need to turn all the lights on.


  14. mickwynn2013 says:

    Very dark and ominous. Leaves loads to think about, well done


  15. storydivamg says:

    Good reflection, C.E.

    All my best,


  16. mandibelle16 says:

    Wonderful ending as always. Reminds me of Robert Brownings “My Last Duchess.” The Duchess smiles too much at others, not just especially for the Duke, so he kills her and seeks another. Great write!


  17. Nice! ‘history’s dustbin’ is a really cool concept.


  18. ansumani says:

    Dark! Well done narration.


  19. michael says:

    At first I thought we were going to enter the church, but no a dark deed was done. Shades of Robert Louis Stevenson here.


  20. Ah, to be a lover scorned…it can push one into unimaginable depths. Beauty and darkness intermingled nicely.


  21. Very dark – my mind has conjured up the worst.


  22. Indira says:

    This is also some kind of love though horrible. Very well written.


  23. emmylgant says:

    Oh you brute!
    Dark massively sinister as Sandra said… Brrr!… and then this reader’s imagination goes in all kinds of directions. Well done.


  24. Dear CE,

    You leave much to the imagination. Back in brutally, murderously good form this week. Well done.



    Liked by 1 person

  25. Sandra says:

    There it is, that cold voice again. Your narrator just can’t stand playing second fiddle can he? So massively sinister, I think I need to go and turn all the lights on in the house.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Ah, so that’s what that structure in the background is!
    And I shudder to think of what your protagonist did to his beloved.
    Very noir, and very well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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