Medville Matters is here!

Fruits of Labour

Fruits of Labour

It is always an exciting moment when the box arrives.
This contains 20 copies of the book, the publisher’s gift to the author.
And some PR material, flyers and bookmarks.
Not bad for countless hours of toiling over a hot pen and/or keyboard.

I plan to do some promotional work here on the Med myself.
I do not expect to be in great demand back in the UK!
So I continue to track down the Anglophone community with the fatal words:
Wanna buy a book?

Wish me luck, please.

The book, obviously

The book, obviously

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7 Responses to Medville Matters is here!

  1. emmylgant says:

    Congratulations! This is a big deal…


  2. Reblogged this on Cavalaire in English and commented:
    Local author who writes short stories about Cavalaire, which he calls Medville.
    Check these out.


  3. ches says:

    Pathetic drivel…….It has to be …..I kent his faither.


  4. emmylgant says:

    Harvey Weinstein is waiting for this one.
    He just doesn’t know it yet!
    Or may be it’s another H.W. who will do wonders with it.


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