Man’s Inhumanity to Man Makes Countless Thousands Mourn*

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

I have seen them in many parts of the world.
From Scotland to Canada and the USA.
From France to Australia.
Each one rips at my soul.

But the saddest thing about War Memorials, strangely enough, is not the heart-breaking list of names of those who died in the obscenity that was World War I.
The Great War.
Yeah, right.

I do not dispute that the list is always far too long.
Of course it is.
Each one is a reminder of young, mostly working class men – sons, husbands, fathers – deprived of life, of communities destroyed for ever, all over our planet.

And yet.
Sadder still are the addenda.
Conflict after conflict.
War after war.
Decade after decade.
Name after name.
Life after life.

Nothing has changed.
Except that women are no longer excluded.
Nothing has been learned.

the cream of youth
again and again
preparing to die

*Title is from Robert Burns, Man was Made to Mourn (1784)

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10 Responses to Man’s Inhumanity to Man Makes Countless Thousands Mourn*

  1. Charli Mills says:

    Strangely enough, the wounded of one generation inspires the next to go. In their pain and shame, they build memorials with donations. The profiteers don’t even pay for those memorials of pain. Sometimes, though, healing does happen. Young people take pause before signing up. And maybe one day, those who make the decisions can stop enforcing the choice on others.


  2. Powerful writing. The emotions of so many of us held up to the light and laid bare for the world to feel too.

    It needs to be said. Over and over. Until it stops.

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  3. Lynn Love says:

    And you’re right – it’s still the young, still largely the working class. Sadly, I’m not sure we’ll ever learn

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  4. Mélanie says:

    impressive and emotional as it’s true, alas!

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  5. Al says:

    That’s very well said

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