A Quiet Town – Haibun

AnElephantCant stand loud noises
He even has a quite quiet and hushful trumpet
There is no standing ovation
When to his great consternation
The giraffe next door acquires a drum kit

La Gare, Medville by AnElephantCant

La Gare, Medville by AnElephantCant

A Quiet Town
The fountain under the lights reflects the blue, white and red of the French Tricolour.
Children circle on their bikes.
One is very young, a beginner, with Papa puffing behind, holding the saddle.
It is late December, but the weather is very mild, even at 6 pm.
The little town is quiet, some might say dead, but he loves the tranquility.
He smiles at the family activity, the laughing youngsters, the patient parents.
Otis Redding sings to him about the pain in his heart.
He is vaguely aware that his hand is wafting pointlessly to the sound of the brass backing, as he gnaws unthinkingly on his baguette.
He thinks of a woman, far away, and wonders if she will visit him soon.
He is unperturbed.
The pace of life here suits him, relaxes him, frees his mind to write constantly.
He can wait.

simple pleasures
patiently enjoyed
bring a life of peace

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6 Responses to A Quiet Town – Haibun

  1. RoSy says:

    Nice with a calming peaceful vibe to it.


  2. Good to read you again after the winter break, and what an excellent read to come back too

    Blessings of love and happiness for 2014



  3. Anja says:

    Really is a beautiful haibun.
    Then I realized since it is a haibun I do not need my body count book (which is tossed away) because if this was something else it would be tragic. A romantic tale of a man waiting for his real love to come back to him turns sad as he chokes on the baguette before her return.
    Ahhh but instead AnElephant has a fairy tale ending. Perfect. 🙂
    Have a wonderful, very quiet, happy New Year my….uh….sorry, AnElephant.


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