Women are Crazy – Unicorn Challenge

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The Unicorn Challenge.

A magical new weekly writing opportunity from her – Jenne Gray – and me.
Visit her blog every Friday to see the photo prompt, and post your amazing story in her comments section.
Or on your own blog, and stick the link down in her comments.
The rules are:
Maximum of 250 words.
Based on photo prompt.
That’s it.

To hear me read my story, just click here:

Women are Crazy

When my grandson was four years old I decided, somewhat recklessly, perhaps, to impart the wisdom I’ve gained the hard way.
Through bitter experience.
At the coal face of love, if you like.
Women are different from us, I tell him, and they’re all crazy.
He looks at me the way four-year-olds look at wee crawly beasties, and dog droppings, and the bit of sandwich that’s fallen to the floor.
With unperturbed curiosity.
All of them, he asks.
All of them, I confirm.
He thinks for a while.
Actually about a nano-second, he is, after all, four years old, with the normal attention span of that age group.
Really, he asks.
Well, is your mum crazy?
His mother is my daughter.
What else can I say…
His head goes to the side.
Hmm, I suppose so.
And what about your gran?
His gran is my ex-wife, a wonderful lady who, as far I can see, has only ever had one flaw.
Her choice of a husband.
Oh yes, he explodes in delight, gran is really crazy!
Crazy is not necessarily bad, I explain, but ladies are different from us. Keep this in mind, my little droogie, and your life will be easier. And let this be our little secret, okay?
He nods, and we go dragon-hunting.
Later, as I deliver him home, he charges through the door.
Mum, guess what I learned…
I flee.
Crazy people scare me.

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18 Responses to Women are Crazy – Unicorn Challenge

  1. Tom says:

    There’s a very fine line between craziness and brilliance, CE; us chaps must be on the other side of that line. 😝 (Or maybe it’s the other way around, I add hastily, already having experienced one virtual slap this morning! 😳)
    Nice post, though.


  2. “All the world is (odd) save thee and me, and even thou art a little (odd).”
    Robert Owen
    Word substitution made for the sake of political correctness and current modern usage. 🙂

    Loved ‘He looks at me the way four-year-olds look at wee crawly beasties, and dog droppings, and the bit of sandwich that’s fallen to the floor.’


  3. Liz H says:

    You made me laugh out loud, like Patsy Cline crazy! And yes, you captured that 4-year-old impetuous curiosity to a T. Perfect!


  4. jenne49 says:

    Of course it depends on your point of view, for ladies are wont to say that men are weird. 😏
    But it’s a delightful story.
    Your descriptions bring your grandson to perfect 4-year-old life.
    Wise ending though.


  5. Damn straight we are, darlin’, and you never know what to expect from us, especially a green-eyed Sicilian! 😉
    Nice musical touch!


  6. ladysighs says:

    From the picture I gather crazy ladies are not your pot of tea. But they may come back to haunt you.


  7. johncoyote says:

    I told a woman yesterday. Women are like cats. They do want they want to do. Men are like dogs. Good meal and warm porch. We are content. I did enjoy your words and thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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