The Princess and the Dragon

As previously shown here, some of my children’s stories have been appearing in the USA, on The Mutual Audio Network, the prime curator for modern audio drama and podcast fiction on the Internet.
This is largely due to the invaluable assistance of Jenne Gray,

This week it’s The Princess and the Dragon, a somewhat off-beat take on an old tale, written and narrated by me, presented by Pete Lutz from Corpus Christi, Texas, as part of his Santa’s Inbox Christmas series, with artwork by my old friend Phil Burns.

Be sure to tune in again next week when we’ll present The little House who Walked for the last in this short series of children’s Christmas tales.

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2 Responses to The Princess and the Dragon

  1. jenne49 says:

    Love this take on the story in your unique style.
    Still smiling.
    And I’m really enjoying and appreciating being part of this exciting new venture.


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