artwork by phil burns

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


moonbeams enchanted by the waves
evade the midnight sky
the sea restless yet unperturbed
blows gentle kisses to the shore

Orion pauses not in his pursuit
till morning shadows hide his prey
then he must wait for worlds to turn
to fulfil his destiny

and we in insignificance
pledge our eternal love
as though our brief time
on this sweet earth
has reason need or worth

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7 Responses to destiny

  1. jenne49 says:

    I want to sit by the sea with this one and just let the words and images play…
    Such a beautiful reflection.
    And with the wee sore bit too…

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  3. Katrin E McElderry says:

    One to listen to/ read again and again… poignant and beautiful.


  4. Lucy says:

    So beautiful and powerful.


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