The Bully – Six Sentence Story

Artwork by Phil Burns

This challenge is produced by GirlieOnTheEdge with the following simple rules:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word – JOURNEY

Click here to hear the author read his words:

The Bully

Jacob Gove was an arrogant, cowardly bully, who enjoyed nothing better than assaulting smaller, weaker boys just so long as he was supported by his fawning, mindless acolytes.
He did not know until it was far too late that, on the day he attacked me, I was on my way home from a fishing trip with my gutting knife snug in my pocket.
So, faced with three witnesses who would swear to my guilt, and the certain vengeance of his brutal, all-powerful father, the mayor and major employer of our small town, I fled, leaving the offending weapon lodged deep in his craven heart.
I caught a bus, then a train, another train and a ferry, and kept moving until I found a place where I felt safe, and where eventually I settled down, learned a new language, married and raised a family.
For many years I checked the news from home, delighting at the death of each member of the Gove family, until there were none left who knew me, and I could at last return to the country of my birth.
They say that the longest journey begins with a single step, but in fact mine began with a single stab.

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19 Responses to The Bully – Six Sentence Story

  1. Pat Brockett says:

    I wonder how often individuals leave their homelands to escape from crimes they have committed even if in reaction to the horrible misdeeds of others, only to live honorable lives the rest of their lives. Interesting SSS. Have you ever thought about being a reader for Audible? I loved listening to you read your SSS!


  2. jenne49 says:

    Oh how I love the name of your bully!
    I have a very strange visual image of him
    It’s a great story, so much packed into six wee sentences..


  3. Well done, C.E.
    No doubt the protagonist’s journey was longer than most.


  4. Liz H says:

    That was a sharp six!


  5. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good observation in that last sentence. Some things we do have consequences that last a long time.


  6. Sunra Rainz says:

    What a dark and clever story! 🙂


  7. UP says:

    many jacobs in my life. I am familiar with the inside of a locker. good job. of course I’ll be in therapy again. ha!!


  8. Excellent. Can think of a few ‘real life’ Jacobs / Goves, and with a lot of power behind them.
    Seems he had no choice but to flee to foreign climes when faced with such oppression. Into that “craven heart” does the knife go.
    Great to hear your narration too, bravo. I’m going to try this soon as I reckon it’ll be fun.


  9. Oh, the places you’ll go…
    Fate is a notorious fellow. Loved this!


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