undulating topography by anelephantcant

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On a visit
to my homeland
for its two weather conditions
about to rain
and already raining
the Sunday
is a wondrous treat
of unexpected
and glorious sunshine.

Walking in the hills
north-west of Maybole
along a rough path
by birdsong and foxgloves
wild rhubarb and thistles
under a sky blue and sparkling
brilliant enough to recall eyes
long unseen almost forgotten
but still loved
a view appears
twenty thirty forty miles
of Ayrshire’s green and undulating topography
sprinkled with dairy cattle
and some sheep
a solitary elegant deer
slipping dappled
through the shadows
of a small copse
a young hare
pausing startled
before bounding
with scarcely believable swiftness
down a long gentle grassy slope
and I remember again
and how much
I love Scotland

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