The Flood

Nature by Phil Burns

My friend Phil Burns, the accomplished Scottish artist and illustrator, sent me this image, which he calls Nature.
I wrote the following words to support it:

The Flood

The book of Genesis describes a flood which covered all of the earth, wiping out mankind except for a chosen few.
I merely recount the story as told, making no claims as to its veracity or otherwise.
It tells how a man called Noah, acting on the instructions of God, built a vast boat, or ark, to escape the fate of the rest of humanity.
Into this boat, along with his family, he took examples of all the animals of the world.
So, while people were all but eliminated, they survived, and went forth safely into the cleansed lands.
Today’s flood is not of water but, interestingly, it also kills only humans.
The remainder of Nature’s creatures are unharmed.

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