The Hill – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by the wonderful Rochelle, the undisputed master of what I call Sound Bite Fiction.
She sets the weekly challenge, and the standard.
This week’s
delightful photo by Karen Rawson at last brought spring sunshine to my wintry mind.
The idea, as always, is to write a story of around 100 words based on this picture, below.

© Karen Rawson

Click here to hear the writer read his words:

The Hill

These days I tire easily.
I once strode purposefully towards distant destinations, my step never faltering, and yet delighting in the sights, sounds and smells of the sea and the countryside as I passed by.
Now I amble aimlessly, never venturing far, and find on arrival that I have absorbed nothing of nature’s beauty on my way.
In my apartment too I notice a difference.
Dust gathers in the corners of my home as it does in the corners of my mind.
Neither, I realise, will ever sparkle again.
Each minor task is a challenge, and every hill a mountain.

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53 Responses to The Hill – Friday Fictioneers

  1. My house is dusty as well.


  2. A good rendition of what it is like to age. Sadly I can relate to this.


  3. Beautiful writing. (no snark here 😉 ) I do like to think that gathering dust means that one has had better things to do.

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  4. granonine says:

    An apt, and sadly beautiful, account of the aging process.


  5. Beautifully written. I particularly like the line ‘I have absorbed nothing of nature’s beauty on my way.’ That is so sad.


  6. pennygadd51 says:

    I would prefer to ignore your story as too depressing, but you’ve written it too well. Eventually age gets us all. Well, bugger that!
    Take care, and enjoy a few glasses of good wine! That’ll perk you up!


  7. Possibilities of ageing, illness or depression. Though it seems more like depression to me. You wrote this well.


  8. gahlearner says:

    Sometimes opening the windows and let the breeze and the sun clean the dust out of mind and house helps. And sometimes it doesn’t. Beautiful writing in any case.


  9. I hear these feelings well, and have often considered telling them, but am glad I have not as you have said it so well.


  10. Corine Gouy says:

    Il est temps de faire le ménage dans la maison et dans la tête!

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  11. jillyfunnell says:

    There are crumbs of comfort in not being able to see the dust. Or the crumbs.


  12. lisarey1990 says:

    Wonderfully written. Very authentic.


  13. Age, the one enemy you can never hope to defeat.


  14. Dear C.E.

    Depressing and true to the lives of all too many. Written with wonderful honesty.




  15. The life of someone aging.. great visual. I thought at first he was a ghost. Beautiful and sad at the same time.


  16. This voice is so credible.. I think we all reach that point sooner or later


  17. Wow! Have you been lurking in the corners of my house and the empty pockets of my mind? You captured aging beautifully in this. Aging isn’t for sissies, that’s for sure.

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  18. What? No murder and mayhem? You need to read my short story, Growing Old is not for Sissies. Sit down, take your shoes off, and rest a spell. You’ll feel better in the morning–and only be one day older.

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  19. James McEwan says:

    Yes, but what a view from the mountain top.


  20. Heading downhill, step by step by step.So sad.

    My FriFic tale is called Solace!


  21. Iain Kelly says:

    Thoughtful and sad, a process that will come to us all, in different timescales and in different ways, but unavoidable. Such is life.


  22. Sandra says:

    You’re late. And you’ve turned up without a corpse as well. Are you quite well?

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  23. A poignant snapshot of the ageing process. Wonderful take on the photo prompt.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


  24. Lynn Love says:

    I agree with Neil – sad but beautiful. There’s a feeling here that your MC is suffering (illness? depression? loss?) and what they’ve been through has impacted on their joy in life. A tragic tale C


  25. neilmacdon says:

    That’s sad, but beautifully written


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