She Walks Bridges

20170427_145958 sshe walks bridges

he has so many reasons to love her
the girl with the smile that bewitches
he believes she is half mermaid
he knows that she walks bridges

she brings summer time in winter
one smile and the weather switches
a gentle breeze sweeps rain away
she laughs and she walks bridges

she floats through life with sparkling eyes
helps him taste a thousand mixes
shows him the way to renaissance
holds his hand as she walks bridges

she paints his world in colours new
she brings him love and untold riches
he is penniless but full of joy
watching her as she walks bridges

Click here to hear this poem put to music by my California-based friend and musician extraordinaire Kris Anderson:

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19 Responses to She Walks Bridges

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    I love your poetry here. This woman has a feyness about her something that makes her unreachable. Also very much enjoyed this song almost a shanty but also a blue grass/country sound and it was neat that he worked some of your poetry in as lyrics but also repeated the line about her walking bridges. Was All put together effectively. Very neat stuff I’m looking forward to seeing more of your collaborations, and hearing 🙂
    Hugs again!


  2. Jelli says:

    Haha… after listening to that, I feel the need to head up to the river and walk across the “Purple people bridge” from Newport , Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. Maybe, I’ll even drag hubby along with me.


  3. This is beautiful! Love the song! Mermaid-approved! 🙂


  4. Dale says:

    That was beautiful.


  5. sailajaP14 says:

    Beautiful poem Ceayr! I can only say you must be head over heels in love with her! 😀


  6. Mandie Hines says:

    Beautiful poem! I really enjoyed this line “he is penniless but full of joy.” This line really sang to me too “helps him taste a thousand mixes.”


  7. Absolument magnifique 🙂


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