The Cyclist – Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge presented by my old friend Al Forbes.
The idea is to write a short story (200 word max) inspired by what you see in his picture (below).
This week, once again, Al provides us with a photo with a million options.
This is probably not one of them.
Click on this link to enter your tale, and to see what others have written.

Copyright Al Forbes

Copyright Al Forbes

Click here to hear me read this 100-second story:
The Cyclist

The hill seems steeper tonight.
The cold snap is not helping my breathing.
And my old knee trouble has flared up again.
So I am toiling upwards, my mood, like the sky, growing rapidly darker.
I pause for breath, gazing up the long steep slope ahead.
A cyclist comes into view.
I see him as he passes under a street lamp, he has no lights himself.
He is sitting upright, phone in one hand, cigarette in the other.
He hurtles downhill, relaxed and unconcerned.
I am filled with an unjustifiable, irrational dislike, bordering on hatred, for this inoffensive youth.
I move to the kerbside, swinging my arm.
The heel of my hand catches him flush on the nose.
I don’t even turn my head to see the wreckage I have caused.
I go on with a spring in my step.
The hill seems much less steep now.

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11 Responses to The Cyclist – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. Dale says:

    Ha ha! I have felt an instant dislike to some people – though rare – and can just imagine his satisfaction… Oh man, we are bad…


  2. Rage and then hopefully some peace. Good writing as always.


  3. Love your take on Buddha and achieving inner calm!


  4. It sounds like you’ve really seen this biker. I hope you just “thought” of doing that. Your character is going to be on Santa’s bad list. Forget naughty. Good writing, though. —- Suzanne


  5. k rawson says:

    Moody and pensive turns dark! Nicely done.


  6. mandibelle16 says:

    On one hand CE, I get this because certain cyclists act like the own the road, even when they’re supposed to obey the same laws as vehicles on the road. My little bro cycles a lot and this kind of thing angers him because it gives a bad name to other cyclists who enjoy their mode of transportation and want to be able to safely bike on the road. On the other hand, you don’t say what the damage is? The cyclist could be really hurt. It’s kind of malicious in a way, since the speaker feels so much happier after doing it. Hugs CE.


  7. The Buddha brings out the inner rage!


  8. Graham Lawrence says:

    Graham said Yay! I bet he’d do that too. I’m not too sure myself.


  9. Now him, I can get behind him because there have been so many times I have wanted to do that to people who ride their bikes as if the rules of the road don’t apply to them. The ones who ignore the traffic lights, phone, no lights, have someone else on the bike facing backwards, have two legs. These are the types I want to knock off their bikes. I am filled with a spring in my step as well.


  10. Dear C.E.

    I can’t help but laugh. Haven’t we all felt that way as some time or other? Good on the guy who acted upon the feeling. Good one!



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