The Moor

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge presented by my old friend Al Forbes.
The idea is to write a short story (200 word max) inspired by what you see in his picture (below).
This week’s photo, an apparently innocuous little shed, provides much food for thought.
Click on this link to enter your tale, and to see what others have written.


Copyright Al Forbes

The Moor

So they found a body, you know?
Where, her father asks, although he already knows the answer.
Where they are draining the Moor Loch for that new development.
I wonder who it is, he says, although he knows that too.
It’s got to be Chester, doesn’t it?
They look at each other in silence for a while.
Did you kill him, she asks.
What, no! I thought you did! That’s why I hid his body!
Chester was a visitor from the great city many years ago.
She had fallen for him in a big way, dumping her local boyfriend in the process.
Then he had told her he was going home to get married.
And disappeared.
The old man is relieved to tell her at last how he had found him battered to death behind the tractor shed.
I knew you had a temper, I thought you had just lost it. Although I was amazed a wee thing like you could do that much damage.
Don’t be daft, I was too busy crying my silly eyes out. I thought it was the end of the world until Jamie took me back.
There is a short pause, then they both turn to look out of the window.
Her husband’s broad back ripples as he hefts lengths of wood across the farmyard.

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28 Responses to The Moor

  1. SHUBHAM ROY says:

    Wonderful… Simply awesome … Do check my blog too… Fr newcomers like me it’s so inspiring that u write…


  2. Great story, C.E., with a most effective twist at the end. Well done as always. 🙂 — Suzanne


  3. afairymind says:

    Wonderfully dark! I wonder how her new knowledge will affect her relationship with her husband – especially if they start having the police knock on their door!


  4. k rawson says:

    Great story with a fabulous twist.


  5. athling2001 says:

    OOOHHHH! Great story. Tension built well to the last surprising twist.


  6. Jesse Raven says:

    really enjoyed the imagery here! The long-overdue conversation and sudden realization. Great!


  7. As usual a great twist at the end. But was it the husband that killed him, or someone completely different. Love it.


  8. Bastet says:

    A clever story and a delightful read indeed …


  9. mandibelle16 says:

    Clever story. Makes you think throughout, who actually killed who? Interesting how it seems to be Jamie who killed Chester in the end. And here father and daughter kept trying to cover up for each other!


  10. Graham Lawrence says:

    Another story with dead bodies must be Springtime’s influence 🙂 I really do like the precise and concise way you write your fiction. I would be well advised to take better notice but I get carried away in the story.


  11. This is a story which leaves you thinking! Brilliantly told 🙂


  12. The Voice says:

    I’m not sure how we looked at this picture and both thought of dead bodies. I’m beginning to realize you may be as dark and twisted as I. I suspect we’d get along very well. 🙂

    As always, well done.


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