Friday Fiction Tears – Friday Fictioneers

No long intro here, just two acknowledgements:

To Ron Pruitt, for his absorbing image.
To Rochelle, for running the show.

And a story, below.

© Ron Pruitt

© Ron Pruitt

Friday Fiction Tears

I consider Ron’s photo at some length.
It is full of intriguing possibilities.
I can write any number of stories based on it.
I feel sad.
Not because of Ron, or his photo.
But I know that too many entrants will ignore the rules, yet again.
They write serials, expecting readers to remember, or reread, last week’s offering.
They write a single story for multiple challenges, usually doing justice to none.
They lack courtesy, do not properly acknowledge the photographer.
Some do not even acknowledge our hostess.
C’mon, folks, play the game here.
A 100-word standalone story.
And be nice!

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34 Responses to Friday Fiction Tears – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I checked them all, seems I am good with the rules. Thank you for reminding us. 😉


  2. Now I know where to find the rules especially on a day that I sort of broke one of them.


  3. paulmclem says:

    I’m with Rochelle!


  4. Dear C.E.

    As a rule, I’m not fond of multiple entries. Although sometimes a person’s second entry is better than their first, unlike the multiple prompt stories. 😉 Your story is a well-written read of my mind.




  5. Ah.. I think honesty to the challenge is the most important, apart from reading and commenting…


    • ceayr says:

      Absolutely, Bjorn, the rules are not difficult to grasp, are they?
      And I agree with your second point, I know there are weeks when I don’t get to read or reply to many other entries, but most of us try, at least some of the time.


  6. Nice! A story of the rules. Someone (else) has to say it.


  7. Sandra says:

    Well said. Re the multi-challenge entries, I am a member of a writing group where a flash fiction contest is held every week, the winner being the one to set the following week’s challenge. (It’s a poisoned chalice kind of thing). One of the worst types of challenge, and one guaranteed to send me heading for the hills is the one that goes, “x hundred words incorporating three kinds of fruit, an animal and a song title.” There’s no fun to be had, surely, from a mechanical rather than a creative exercise.

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  8. Dale says:

    Yes! Well said! And because of Rochelle’s request for feedback, I shall forgive you for submitting two entries! 😉


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