Fences – Haibun Thinking

AnElephantCant stand enclosed spaces
He needs room to breathe to make him feel all right
When he is somewhere
Without enough air
He starts to feel closster um klaustra er up-tight

AnElephant makes another undistinguished assault on this great weekly challenge hosted by his friend Al, who is still achieving wondrous things with this site.
Please take a moment to check out this page to see some superb interpretations of the Japanese Haibun, a literary form which explores the relationship between the human experience and nature.
This week AnElephant chooses as his inspiration this image by The Crazy World of Arthur Browne:

Copyright Arthur Browne

Copyright Arthur Browne


Fences are interesting things.
Many animals, both domestic and wild, create virtual fences to mark their territory.
This is usually done with spoor, backed by noise or physical aggression, to warn others that encroachment may be dangerous.
Man, too, builds fences, barriers against the world’s intrusion.
These may be notional, like a thin piece of wire which simply sends a message that entry is not welcome.
Or it may be much more, such as a high wall which precludes any sort of communication from without.
But man alone, at least to this writer’s knowledge, builds fences as a means of containment.
This may be for a practical or even benign purpose.
He restricts the movement of, for example, farm and domestic animals for a multitude of reasons.
But all too often he builds fences, in their many guises, as a form of entrapment.
Unforgivably, he cages wild animals under the pretext of education or entertainment.
Perhaps worse still, he does the same thing to birds, denying them the one thing that makes them unique.
And he imprisons his own kind.
This may be, in the case of dangerous criminals, in the interest of public safety.
It may be as a punishment.
Or it may be, and increasingly is, for political reasons.
Too many of us build fences around ourselves, as a form of protection.
I do not presume to criticise any person’s individual choice.
But the building of fences around others has become a matter for all of us to consider more carefully.

individual freedom
is not granted as a gift
it is the right of all

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4 Responses to Fences – Haibun Thinking

  1. Bastet says:

    liked your study on fences … great write, thanks for sharing these ideas!


  2. Penny L Howe says:

    So well said and true. Wonderfully written.Thank you for the care, love and concern I felt with your words! 🙂 xo


  3. Good points. It’s one thing to build fences around ourselves, a totally different thing to build them around other people against their will.


  4. Al says:

    I like that. I found myself nodding through that. Great Haibun


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