For Sale – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant believe what he reads here
Lovely Rochelle is away on vacation
He hopes that she knows
Wherever she goes
The photo prompts always provide great inspiration

Once again it is Friday Fictioneer time.
Presented weekly, usually by runaway Rochelle, this is a fabulous festival of flash fiction.
And a short story from ASadElephant.
The idea is to write a very short story, circa 100 words, based on this picture prompt (below).
That’s it.

Copyright Mary Shipman

Copyright Mary Shipman

For Sale

Who can that be, he asks, irritated.
The agent, silly! We have to sell this house to buy a bigger one.
She is gloriously blooming, after five years of disappointment.
Sit, he tells her with a grin, put your feet up.
She ruffles his hair.
What have you been up to?
She is laughing, but her eyes are not.
She is insanely, needlessly jealous.
Apart from one stupid occasion, two years ago, which he bitterly regrets.
A real bunny-boiler!
He has never told his wife, she would not forgive him.
This is Ms Landis, says the agent.
Hello again, handsome.

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16 Responses to For Sale – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Maree Gallop says:

    Ops, caught out! well written.


  2. Nan Falkner says:

    Does his wife have a pressure cooker – bunny treats in half the time. Creepy, Elephant, Creepy! I don’t think anyone will ever forget that scene in the movie! Very well done! Nan 🙂


  3. Jan Brown says:

    Uh-oh! Quick, hide the pet bunny!


  4. He’s in a real pickle now, MrAnElephant. I’m surprised I feel a little sorry for him. Just a little mind.


  5. Bastet says:

    Oh my … the past has come to haunt! Great write but then, AnElephantCant help writing well!


  6. JKBradley says:

    She is laughing but her eyes are not. Gripping line.

    Well done.


  7. Elephant, It looks like the potencial buyer is trouble in all capital letters. I wonder if they’ll need that bigger house. 😦 Well written. 🙂 —Susan


  8. It’s all gone belly-up! I find myself feeling sorry for the estate agent caught in the crossfire 😉


  9. Horus says:

    trouble on rebound ! 🙂 nice one Elephant !


  10. I can feel the tension. Too bad selling a house isn’t a quick process! I always love your stories 🙂


  11. Love how the prompt was used!


  12. Uh-oh! I see trouble on the horizon. Nice one.


  13. Oh, dear. Trouble’s a-brewin’. Good work.


  14. Sandra says:

    The words ‘chicken’ and ‘home to roost’ spring to mind. Nice one!


  15. MrBinks says:



  16. Ups, no luck there. Love the style.


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