The Fisherman – Friday Fictioneers

AnElephantCant swim like a dolphin
His trunk and his tusks are too thick
So you know that he oughta
Stay out of the water
He has all the buoyancy of a brick

Once again it is Friday Fictioneer time.
Where fleet-finned Rochelle guides a school of far from floundering Fictioneers through an ocean of fishy tales.
And ANon-SubmersibleElephant sinks slowly and bubblefully.
The idea is to write a very short story, circa 100 words, based on this picture prompt (below).
That’s it.

Copyright- Jean L. Hays

Copyright- Jean L. Hays

The Fisherman

At the end of the jetty is a lone fisherman.
An elderly man, very pleasant.
We exchange small talk.
I ask him how the fishing is.
He has not caught much.
He shows me what is in his bag.
A pair of Mediterranean bream, flapping weakly, gasping painfully, dying slowly.
I ask him to return them to the sea.
To give them a chance of survival or, at least, to die with dignity.
He looks at me, surprised, and laughs.
I put a hook through his cheek and throw him into the sea.
It isn’t smart to mock a Mermaid.

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47 Responses to The Fisherman – Friday Fictioneers

  1. hugmamma says:

    I’m hoping mermaids live. hugs for that…


  2. Satya Rekha says:

    I loved it…
    What you is did is awesome!


  3. Bastet says:

    Lovely story An Elephant…must admit…I came over trying to understant Summerstommy story…Good go! Mermaids are not to be mocked!


  4. annisik51 says:

    As a long term vegetarian I heartily approve and applaud the mermaid. As others have said, you don’t mess with a mermaid – or silkie, to switch to your own language – if you don’t want to end up sleeping with the fishes. 🙂


  5. liz young says:

    Rude? Moi? I’m sometimes blunt and inadvertently tactless, but rude? Nah.Good story, though if the fisherman was simply after his supper his punishment seems a bit extreme.


  6. I half laugh, half cry at this. So good. Excellent.


  7. Indira says:

    In big fishes eat small, what mermaids eat ? Sweet, simple and humorous story.


  8. I guess he didn’t know or he would have more respect, you’d hope. I can see how mermaids might be the vengeful type.


  9. Hi Anelephant. A completely understandable reaction from the mermaid. I always love the clever way you mix humour with something darker. Merry Christmas!


  10. Quite the twist. Well done.


  11. mike olley says:

    Go mermaid!! That’ll teach him.


  12. JKBradley says:

    Well done. I was hoping for a bus full of professional sport team mascots to speed off the side of a cliff, tho.


  13. Love, love this story! I particularly love the way you’ve tied it into Michael’s story, giving us an extra treat. They each stand wonderfully on their own, but play so well together. Now, as for your limerick, I must challenge you, friend:

    It’s true like a dolphin an AnElephant can’t swim; the water’s a very different place for him; But he’ll frolic and play; swimming and diving all day; and in fact AnElephant will swim with a grin!

    There are so many clips I wanted to share, but this is one of my very favorites!


    • AnElephantCant argue with a beautiful lady
      Especially one who is much smarter than him
      He told an untruth
      He is long in the tooth
      But AnElephant can of course fantastimagically swim

      But AnElephant does not in any way tie into Michael’s story.
      The very clever Sir ST2 reads AnElephant’s humble offering and concocts his own superb response unaided.
      To AnElephant’s great delight!


  14. emmylgant says:

    AnElephantCant write a FF short without a twisty tail. This one makes quite a splash!
    I love the way you slide seamlessly from the real to the fantastic… to my great delight.


  15. helenmidgley says:

    Such a brilliant twist, fab 🙂


  16. Jan Brown says:

    Wonderful! The mermaid achieves poetic (or prosaic) justice for the creatures of the sea.
    I notice that Summerstommy wrote an amusing “sequel.” Great work on both your parts!


  17. Great story! Brilliant idea. You know, I was fishing when I made the decision to become a vegetarian. I was trout fishing and having the time of my life, jumping from rock to rock over the clear pools in the beautiful stream, tricking those little trout with my sparkling lure. And then I was holding the third catch in my hand; it was wiggling and struggling with all its little might to get free – and I knew. If that little fish wanted to live, nothing should die for my pleasure. And that was it. That was 30 years ago.


  18. Adam Ickes says:

    I must admit, I read the sequel first so I knew where this was going, but the mermaid was a twist I never expected. Nicely done.


  19. Danny James says:

    Very Good! I liked that.



  20. Sandra says:

    If you can’t take it… don’t dish it out. Perfectly underlined in this ‘feel good’ (to the reader anyway) story.


  21. Jayde-Ashe says:

    Fantastic as usual 🙂


  22. Al says:

    Haha brilliant.


  23. Anja says:

    You had me hook, line and sinker on this lovely tale….also breathing a sigh of relief that you didn’t bump me off this week. I live a few more days. 🙂
    This really is quite a story.


  24. Aha, methinks there’s a collaboration afloat. Nicely done, Elephant. You’ve solved Michael’s mystery. I’m breaming with the revelation. Well done.




    • Surprisingly, dear lady, no collaboration.
      AnElephant is as surprised as you when the very clever Aussie (below) writes a sequel to his little tale.
      Thank you for your visit and for your efforts on FF.


  25. Great Sir Elephant, everyone knows you never mock a mermaid. Especially one with a fish hook in her hand. very enjoyable, if some what disturbing. I think I will have nightmares over this.


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