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Honest Politicians

Politics are broken.

In the UK we are governed by lying, corrupt, self-entitled psychopaths led by a proven habitual liar, who has pursued a policy of alienation based on a small referendum majority which itself was founded on a big lie.
In France, where I currently live,
the despicable Macron defeated the even more despicable Le Pen only by moving so far to the right he left her with no room to manoeuvre.
In the USA
they elected Donald Trump and, heaven help us, they might do so again.

Here in Scotland we have a golden opportunity.
We can start again with a new, different system.
It takes some vision and some courage, but it can be done.
We can create a Constitution that guarantees honest politics.
This is based on some simple truths.
In Scotland sovereignty rests in the people, not parliament.
The people elect MPs.
The people pay their salaries and expenses.
So MPs do not just represent the people, they work for us.

The new Constitution must incorporate Citizens’ Assemblies with real authority to ensure that politicians are fully accountable to the people.
That they are honest.
People would vote for that.

The People are Sovereign:

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