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shoeless by c e ayr

shoeless by c e ayr

Click on the above to hear C.E. Ayr read from his first book of Sound Bite Fiction entitled Medville Matters.

The Pigeon

He relaxes outside his favourite café, his feet shoeless on a second chair.
His hands behind his head, he enjoys the late afternoon sunshine on his face.
He feels himself drifting off, does not care, he is comfortable in his surroundings.
He is wakened abruptly by a shrill English voice.
Oh, look at that!
He sees the excited lady among the tourists at the next table, then the pigeon on his.
It is eating peanuts out of the dish in front of him.
He grins.
Shoo it away, she exclaims, waving her arms in explanation, shoo it away!
He thinks of his pal Al, famous for his love of pigeons.
He smiles at the poor agitated lady.
Nah, he says, closing his eyes again, not unless it starts on my beer.

24 Responses to Current Story

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  2. Tessa says:

    Ahh so you can right something without killing someone or something off unless he starts on your beer of course. Love it!


  3. I love your story! My 13 year old nephew writes short stories. I want to share your short stories with him, you are a great author for him to study.


  4. Hi Ceayr. I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Here’s the link-


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  11. rgayer55 says:

    I hope the pigeon doesn’t crap in your beer. I don’t trust them.


  12. Al says:

    For some reason, I had not seen this. I like it 🙂


  13. ceayr says:

    Thank you, Rochelle, you are too kind.
    I look forward to your follow-up when you have the book.
    And I plan to change the story just as soon as I get my laptop to record more clearly.


  14. ceayr says:

    AnElephantCant is a plagiarist who just happens to co-exist with C. E. Ayr inside my head.
    What can I say.

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  15. ceayr says:

    Yes, there is whole book full of them!


  16. ceayr says:

    Are you hiding behind the settee now?


  17. ceayr says:

    You are too kind, Belinda.
    As I note on the Home Page introduction, I relate to the sculptor who said that the statue exists in the stone and all he has to do is remove what is not needed.
    I pare away everything that is not essential, and you supply it with your imagination.
    Minimalism is cool

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  18. ceayr says:

    Thank you, Niki.
    Sound Bite Fiction is very much left to the imagination of the reader.
    I supply the bare necessities, you create the whole scenario.

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  19. niasunset says:

    WOW! This is great in many ways… I can read and also I can listen to the story from your own voice..The story has been expressed so nicely, Thank you dear C.E. Ayr, fascinated me. and Excited me your new blog and book. Good Luck, love, nia


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