Doors – Haibun Thinking

AnElephantCant always be active
Sometimes he just sits back in his chair as
As quick as a snail
He tells you a wee tale
About a friend of a friend and a friend called Eros

AnElephant makes another indiscriminate assault on this great weekly challenge hosted by his friend Al, who continues to do great things with this site.
Please take a moment to check out this page to see some superb interpretations of the Japanese Haibun, a literary form which explores the relationship between the human experience and nature.
This week AnElephant chooses as his inspiration this handsome, lovable and somewhat left field pooch.

eros by anelephantcant

eros by anelephantcant


He stands at the glass door, waiting.
She loves her dog, though he can be a pest.
Excusing herself to her guests, she rises from the table and opens the door.
He enters nonchalantly and passes under the table to the amusement of everyone except her.
He ignores her admonition that it is not a tunnel.
This is his preferred route, always.
He checks the guests, trying to identify who is most likely to feed him titbits.
She shoos him away, apologising to her grinning companions.
Casting a rather disgusted look over his shoulder at her, he goes out through the far door, which is always open.
The meal continues.
Then the laughter starts.
She shakes her head.
He stands at the glass door, waiting.

some doors are exits
and apparently
some doors are entrances

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7 Responses to Doors – Haibun Thinking

  1. Bastet says:

    loved the story … made me smile and very intuitive of him to understand the strange aspects of doors!


  2. Indira says:

    Loved it. Eros reminded me of my pet.


  3. Al says:

    Sounds like Eros is a real charmer 🙂 Love it.


  4. dhparker says:

    Made me smile. Thanks!


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